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Saturday, 1 October 2011


Good morning!

I have recently discovered the joys of on-line shopping....and it's good. In fact, it is so good, so fun, that it is getting bad :p My visa has been getting a little bit too much exercise these days, if you know what I mean!

However, there is much to be said for the great swap meets out there, as well as the kid's swap, buy and sell site on facebook. It is a community site that allows moms to post pics of their new and or gently used clothing, toys, baby gear etc. and sell it. Let me tell you, I have scored some deals on this site! I have so many cute outfits for my little peanut now, and they're all barely used. After all, these kidlets of ours grow so fast that they often only get to wear an outfit once before it's too small!

So.....this newfound passion of finding deals on-line makes me happy. It's reusing old clothes, which is good for the environment, which makes me happy :)

gotta go...the baby's whining. Have a good one!


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